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Captain Marvel : Kree and Skrull landscapes.

Preproduction concept art for Captain Marvel. Working on both Kree and Skrull civilizations trying to figure more about them. Like some environments that could express their true nature.
Krees : Mostly blue values, it’s obvious. With this fierce and robust cliffs, like a wall protecting their world. A Protectionnist feel balanced with this gigantic and agressive architectures pointing to the sky. The Kree are conquerors and a belligerent people. Look at those sharp ships taking off for exploring new worlds. The repetitive patterns in the architecture refers to the beehive like social construction around the Supreme Intelligence. Also some small hint of Futurism and martial architectures.
Skrulls : Dealing obviously with their purple color scheme I dive into organic shapes avoiding strong angle geometric hard surface. I went to smoother shapes and rhythms. It helped me to understand better this characters and even offer a quiet scene being really different from what we know from them.