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Aleksi Briclot
Aleksi Briclot
Art director / Concept Artist / Illustrator
Paris, France


Aleksi is producing illustrations, comic-book pages, concept arts and providing art direction in the
entertainment field since 15 years.

Designer and art director for video games, Aleksi has among others worked on Egypt 2, ColdFear, Splinter Cell: Double Agent,
Dungeon Runners, and Haze.
He co-founded the video-game developpment studio DONTNOD Entertainment where he’s acting as associate and art director.
The studio developed its first AAA title called Remember Me which was published by Capcom beginning of June 2013.
He has made hundreds covers and interiors for role playing books, books, packagings, games and magazines. He painted
covers of the Hellgate : London mini-series comic-books and Conan for Darkhorse, the covers of Annihilation: Conquest, The
New Avengers, The Thanos Imperative, War of Kings and some The Incredible Hulk related illustrations for Marvel.
He is one of the main artists for the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering produced by Wizards of the Coast. He has
signed the concepts of the Planeswalkers and still for Wizards, he painted the first illustrations of the miniature game :
Talking about comic-books, his first production was the adaptation of the Alone in the Dark 4 video game, then later the album
Spawn : Simony, best-selling hardcover book of the month when it was released in the US, in May 2004. He also contributes to
the first two volumes of The Legends of the Round Table and a new graphic novel Spawn: Architects of Fear for ToddMcFarlane
Productions which will be released in 2011. He is the co-author of Merlin, an ambitious 120 pages artbook about the legendary
wizard and released end of 2010 his own illustration anthology Worlds and Wonders, published by CFSL Ink and compiling his
best artworks to date.
Aleksi is also an instructor at international workshops ConceptArt / MassiveBlack / CFSL Ink / Made (Prague, Montreal, San
Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Berlin, Los Angeles) and his work appeared in numerous magazines and illustrators books and art

Marvel Characters, Inc., Disney, Wizards of the Coast LLC, Blizzard Entertainment, The Upper Deck company, Warner Bros, Productions du Trésor, Todd McFarlane Productions, Namco Bandai / Flagship Studios / Dark Horse Comics, Dontnod Entertainment, Capcom, NCSoft Corporation, Darkworks, Ubisoft Entertainment, Hachette, Magic Lab, Duran Duboi, Cryo Interactive, Kalisto Entertainment, Applibot, Tsume, Soleil Editions, Delcourt Editions, IDW Publishing, Ankama, White Wolf Publishing, Asmodée Editions, Privateer Press, Calmann Lévy, Bragelonne, Pocket antasy, Univers Poche, Fleuve Noir, Reflexions Editions, 7ème Cercle, Oriflam, Semic / Infogrames, Darwin Project, Pandora Créations, MacMillan Publishers...

Remember Me, Splinter Cell : Double Agent, Haze, The Division, Dungeon Runners, ColdFear, Egypte 2, Duels of the Planeswalkers, War of Heroes, Legends of the Cryptids, Galaxy Saga, Magic : The Gathering, World of Warcraft CCG, Spawn (Simony / Architects of Fear), Merlin, Dreamblade, Hellgate : London , Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Forgotten Realms, The Incredible Hulk, Annihilation : Conquest, New Avengers, The Thanos imperative, Horrorclix, Maskemane, Conan, Wakfu TCG, Judge Dredd, Mage : The Awakening, C.O.P.S., Claustrophobia, Vampire : The Requiem, Zombies, Oniria, Légendes de la Table Ronde, Prophecy, Nephilim : Revelation, Backstab, Qin, Cendres, Alone in the Dark 4 (comic-book), Blue Estate, The Crow, Deep Inside Punish Yourself...


Art direction, concept art, illustration