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Aleksi Briclot
Aleksi Briclot
Art director / Concept Artist / Illustrator
Paris, France


Aleksi Briclot develops characters, universes and stories through images. He previously worked on comic-books released in the European market as well as some US comics books (two Spawn graphic novels for Todd MacFarlane). He's currently working on a really cool and ambitious graphic novel side project based on a true story involving killer whales. Aleksi also did illustrations for book covers (R.A. Salvatore), comic-books covers (Marvel's Annihilation : Conquest, New Avengers) and several cards illustrations (Magic : The Gathering, Hearthstone). He especially enjoy working on Magic : The Gathering. The six first Planeswalkers he created for the game seems to still be fan-favorite. Additionally Aleksi worked on concept arts for video-games too (Splinter Cell : Double agent, Cold Fear...) and thought that it would be exciting to create his own video-game. So he co-founded the studio Dontnod Entertainment which produced Remember Me and Life Is Strange. Then it was time to move on again and go back to his child dream : the movie industry! For Marvel Studios he worked on a dozen of projects including Thor: Ragnarok, , Captain Marvel, Avengers : Infinity War, Avengers : Endgame and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ring. He continues to support upcoming projects for the Studios.


Art direction, concept art, illustration