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FENRIR / Mythic Battles : Ragnarok

After working on the movie Thor : Ragnarok, I was asked to work on a boardgame with figurines called Mythic Battles : Ragnarok. Close topic. At first I was thinking about declining because it could be easily redundant. But I took it as a challenge to develop a fresh view and take on similar creatures. Being able to find some more variations. Plus some figurines should be made from the concepts and it's always a lot of fun to get physical version of your concept arts. (Plus the sculptures are done by the talented @arnoboudoiron .) So here is another take on Fenris (or Fenrir) dealing more closely with traditional depiction of this godly creature. I've certainly made around 50 different proposals for the movie so here it was finding something new. The sword stucked in the jaw was interesting to deal with.