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Thor : Love and Thunder / Thor concept

A concept art for Thor : Love and Thunder. Under Andy Park lead. On this one I was dealing with two interlaced ideas : referencing the comic-book look from the Walt Simonson run, with this huge scales on the torso and also referencing Cap, ( or “worthy Cap”) using those scales on the armor to create the link. Ryan Meinerding did a terrific job on Cap during all those years and in Endgame he succeed managing some big scales on the chest (like in the Ultimates comics) by making them appear like they were there before but hidden under the external fabric structure (if my notes aren’t clear >>> swipe to the last image of this post!!) And I used those scales and some patterns from Cap’s suit as an homage. Like Thor paying a tribute to Captain America. And for the whole look there was also this “over the top-metal vibe” too.