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Thor Ragnarok : The casual life of a super-hero family

Here is something slightly different from my usual work but really fun to do. I was invited to be part of the last Disney Art Challenge jury presided by Brad Bird. This is a contest made by Disney for art students taking part each year with the award ceremony taking place at the international animation festival in Annecy. The good thing is that there is money prize for the students and if you’re in the field you know what it could mean (a lot when you have to pay for school and renting an appartement and...) And this year the topic was about the casual life of a super-hero family (matching Incredibles 2 release). I was asked to do myself a picture with this idea and chose the movie Thor Ragnarok I’ve worked on as a basis. Dysfunctional family...and had fun playing with this characters I’ve worked on, especially putting Surtur and Fenris in the Spotlight!!

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